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Within GESY there is a number of free visits to your paediatrician per year . You will not pay any charge when you visit unless you exceed the number of visits per year determined by your age group as below:

Birth to 1 year: 10 visits per year

1 - 3 years: 8 visits per year

3 - 6 years: 7 visits per year

6 - 11 years: 4 visits per year

11 - 18 years: 3 visits per year

Any additional visits are charged .

You are also entitled to free prescriptions of certain medications , diagnostic tests like blood tests and x-rays


GESY funds all childhood vaccines in accordance to the national immunization scheme which means they are offered to families free of charge. The only exceptions is the rotavirus vaccine and the vaccine for Meningitis B.

Although private versions of vaccines exist they have no huge differences . One difference is the number of injections needed for some vaccines. For example the private vaccine HEXA offers a combined coverage for 6 different diseases in one shot whereas is GESY counterpart is split in 3 different vaccines therefore needing 3 shots.

Please note that for certain vaccines there is an upper age limit imposed by the organization, above which a child is no longer eligible to receive the vaccine for free. So delayed vaccines may mean an out of pocket payment.


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