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caring for your child’s dental health

Once children get their first teeth you must care for the teeth right from the start with daily brushing. This is important to prevent tooth decay .

Brushing your child’s teeth : Initially you can use a soft bristled toothbrush, with no toothpaste to clean the teeth 2-3 times a day. After your child turns 18 months you can start using a toothpaste suitable for toddlers.

Seeing a dentist : As soon as your child turns one it’s time to schedule a dental visit . This is important for early detection of tooth decay and other problems. Don’t wait for them to start school or until there’s a dental emergency . Within GESY healthcare all children are entitled to one visit per year to the dentist for a routine check- up .

Other tips to prevent tooth decay : The most common cause of tooth decay is prolonged exposure of teeth to sugar

  1. Limit sugary drinks ( juice and sodas ) and sweets to a minimum , for example twice a week.

  2. Switch from a bottle to a beaker cup early . Between 12 and 18 months you should aim to teach your baby to drink from a beaker cup. Drinking milk or juice from a bottle is associated with increased risk of tooth decay.


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